PCD Foundation hosted a live webinar entitled:
An Introduction to Clinical Trials.

Presented by  Ramona Doyle, MD.
Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSF
Consultant, ReCode Therapeutics


Individuals with PCD, regardless of whether their diagnosis has been genetically confirmed or whether no gene has yet been identified, are invited to attend a series of informational webinars provided by ReCode Therapeutics to describe upcoming clinical trials of their mRNA therapy designed to target and correct PCD-causing genetic defects in the DNAI1 gene. These trials will mark the first time gene-based therapies that address the underlying defect in PCD have been tried in people with PCD, and if successful, additional genes will be targeted in the future. Any patient interested in mRNA and gene-based therapies for PCD, regardless of involved gene or confirmation of PCD diagnosis is welcome to attend. 

These webinars are provided by ReCode Therapeutics for informational purposes. This first webinar (December 1) focused broadly on clinical trial processes. The second webinar (December 8) will focus on the specific therapy that will be studied in an upcoming clinical trial. 

The goal of the PCD Foundation is to ensure patients have access to information that may be of interest to them, and/or may impact their health, including clinical study and trial opportunities. However, information shared for these purposes should not be interpreted as an endorsement of any study, trial, intervention, or therapy. As always, any decision related to your health should be made in consultation with your personal healthcare provider.