Vice President

Carey Kauffman joined the PCD Foundation in 2009 after her infant son died from PCD‐related complications. She currently serves as VP/board member to help expand research, accelerate diagnosis, and, ultimately, find a cure. She also hopes to empower individuals to “get the most out of what they have” and live well in the face of PCD. Carey has founded and delivered highly effective market position and strategic growth opportunities for early stage companies in the healthcare, supply chain, retail and manufacturing sectors. She got the entrepreneurial bug growing markets outside the US for Manhattan Associates, now a leading global supply chain provider. Earlier in her career, she co‐founded Soleado Marketing to provide emerging business‐to‐business technology companies access to revenue‐driven go‐to‐market strategies. She was also an EVP at Wellview Health where she continues to be a strategic advisor. More recently, she founded WellSelf 360 to empower healthier lifestyles, high performing teams and better outcomes in chronic disease care.

Carey has many roles in life including mother of four, collegiate (Go Duke!)/pro basketball player, leadership in the private and non‐profit sectors, rare disease and patient advocate, certified professional health and wellness coach and population health executive.


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